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02 Jan 2017

We don’t want to portray ourselves as martyrs or saints in this for only the common good, but we really do empathize and relate to the problem we’re trying to help with: college is becoming increasingly expensive and textbooks are not only a contributing factor to that but also a particularly stressful part of that problem.

If you start to Google the words “rising cost of”, rising cost of college is right up there with rising cost of healthcare! There is no doubt we are in an era of increasingly expensive college tuition ( and increasingly expensive textbooks (

We were students ourselves just a year or two back. We tried our own methods of finding cheap textbooks, so we figured we’d take a stab at making this process a little easier through the technology we know and love.

One additional area of impact we think we can make is sustainability. Most college students never crack open their textbooks after a given course has finished, but the next student in the course probably really will. Rather than get that second student a new book (which means a ton of new pages, costs, and waste), why not just walk a block or two over to re-use what’s already there and in the right place!