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18 Feb 2018

We get it. We have been there ourselves. It is exhausting going on facebook and scrolling through the endless amount of books to find what you are looking for. It works if you are committed to saving those extra dollars, but we know from talking to students like you that you can only do that so much, especially with all the other crazy things going on at the start of the semester.

And if you are trying to sell your books? There is the constant worry of someone who would buy your book but not see your post. What if you post at the wrong time? What if you post and a bunch of other people post right after you? That seems silly to have your books get pushed down before anyone has had a chance to see them.

We looked at this really straightforward problem and came up with a solution: what if I could be notified anytime someone posted a book that matched what I was looking for? At we can smartly identify any time someone posts a book that you were looking for and notify you. That means you can search one and not have to come back until the book you need is posted!