BoolaBooks. Scan. Sell. Save.


18 Mar 2018

What makes BoolaBooks special? It’s a lot of things, but it’s probably easiest to start by looking at how existing solutions weren’t/aren’t getting the job done for students.

First and foremost, there is the bookstore. Some campuses partner with their bookstores directly, so the bookstore has the students’ needs in mind, which is great. But most stores are totally independent or are subsidiaries of bigger chains. This means they’re out to do one thing: make a profit. Now we’re all for capitalism, after all we’re a for-profit company ourselves, but that doesn’t solve most students’ problems of not having much cash to pay for books, especially given the ever-increasing cost of tuition. Moreover, most bookstores usually only carry the newest editions, making it more expensive (even when professors generously offer to let students use old editions). The bookstore is on-campus though, so it’s convenience is definitely a plus.

Next in line is Amazon (and any other similar online retailer). We love Amazon and we use it all the time, especially when looking for nice deals. But let’s be real here: shipping is slow and often inconvenient, especially on college campuses. We have nightmares from the long, slow-moving post office lines back in the day, and don’t get us started on the juggernaut that is packaging and returning rented books at the end of the semester! To make it all worse, the fear of trying a class and then dropping it later meant you could be stuck with a book you didn’t need, resulting in many students waiting to order books till very late (and jumping through workarounds in the mean time).

Finally, there are Facebook groups. Now these get closer to the solution than others. The books are used and on-campus, so it’s pretty straightforward. But what we found in both our experience and the experience of the average student is that facebook groups are dominated by a handful of folks really committed to selling their books (we ourselves used it back in the day). For the average student, facebook groups are a mess. People dump a bunch of books at once, making it a lengthy ordeal to find what you’re looking for. It often involves checking all the time and scrolling endlessly. Even after all that, you might find the book you listed has already been sold. If you’re a seller, there is a good chance you’ll get something sold, but most of your books will sit their idly, requiring you to repost or bump your post constantly.

So in the end, we looked at all these problems and went to work on a solution that had all the right pieces. We needed low prices, no shipping, and easy-to-search textbooks. Sure enough, that’s what you’ll find on today. The site is limited to your school, so you can meet up on campus and skip the post office. The books are sold by other students with no fee to use the site, so you’ll get the affordable prices you need. The books are organized by class, making it easier for you to find what you need while letting sellers post once and not worry about others finding their books for sale. Finally, the site automatically matches searchers with books, so buyers can search once and sit back without having to revisit the site constantly.