Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the site cost?

There is no fee for listing your books, searching for books, or meeting up with buyers/sellers. You are required to have an account to use the site.

How do you make money?

We don’t make money off individual transactions. Our goal is to keep this process cheap and efficient. We reserve the right to show ads on the site and list, buy, and sell books as a member of the marketplace.

What happens if I don’t like the book I bought?

Users are ultimately responsible for determining the quality of a book before exchanging money with another user on the site. We do not handle the exchange of funds between two individual parties on the site (unless of course we are the buying/selling entity on the site).

What’s this matching you claim to do?

Don’t worry it’s not Tinder! Anytime someone posts a book that matches what you were looking for/searched for, we’ll let you know.

I’m getting a lot of emails for books I don’t need anymore, how do I make it stop?

We use your searches to notify you when someone posts a book matching your search. If you want to stop receiving emails for a given search, you can delete that search from the “My Searches” tab on the homepage (you’ll need to be logged in).

I’m getting a lot of emails for chats, how do I make it stop?

The community only works if people read their messages, so please be sure to finish any open conversations you have. You’ll receive emails for any unread messages you have. To mark a message as read, just click on the relevant conversation in your list of conversations on the site.

Which schools does BoolaBooks exist at?

BoolaBooks is currently at Yale University and the University of Washington. If you’d like us to expand to your school, please contact us at

Are you hiring?

BoolaBooks can hire contractors for roles in software development, marketing, and sales. Please send your resume and position on interest to