Terms and Conditions

General Use and Conduct

Users on boolabooks.com are expected to act with a minimum level of respect and cordiality. Offensive or inappropriate behavior is defined at the discretion of the site and is strictly not permitted. Any and all such behavior can be reported to boolabookscontact@gmail.com and can result in termination of account by the offending party.


Individual accounts are expected to represent individual members of the university in question. Organizations are only allowed to have accounts with the express consent of Boolabooks.com. Boolabooks.com reserves the right to remove accounts at its own discretion. Accounts are required to have associated email accounts and to be sent email from the site.


Users are required to have accounts to access and search the listings on the site. Your searches are visible to others on the site and are analyzed in aggregate so we can create a more optimal experience on the site. New listings posted that match your search will be notified to the original searchee by email or other standard notification protocols. A user is free to delete their searches at any given time. The site reserves the right to remove an account or delete searches it determines to be spam or intentionally in the purpose of making the site not useful for others.


Users can start chats (or in turn receive messages) with others on the site through one of several methods: contacting the owner of a listing, contacting a user by their search query, or contacting a user by their course expertise. Users are responsible for conducting themselves appropriately when messaging and the site is not responsible for messages sent there. Users may report inappropriate messaging of any kind (content, frequency of contact, etc) to boolabookscontact@gmail.com. Individual messages are stored in our databases and are subject to review and analysis as needed. Users agree to be sent emails related to their individual conversations.


Sellers may list as many books as they wish on the site. They are free to change the price or information regarding the listing at any point up until the funds are exchanged. Boolabooks.com takes no legal ownership of the actual books or the validity of a book’s condition or value. The site reserves the right to remove or block listings it determines to not be in the service of the specific campus’s students, whether that be inappropriate books or spam-like listings.

Meeting up and Selling

Both buyers and sellers are ultimately responsible for the actual exchange of books and funds: the site is merely a tool to help connect relevant buyers and sellers, not to actually exchange books or funds. Users are encouraged to report fraudulent behavior to boolabookscontact@gmail.com (for which the site reserves the right to expel any users or remove accounts for violating parties).


The site reserves the right to rank buyers and sellers based on any algorithm it deems appropriate. It reserves the right to designate users as associated with certain courses, for which they can be contacted or appear in searches. Users can remove said designation by either doing so from the site themselves or contacting boolabooks.com.

Removal of account

Users may request their account be deleted. Boolabooks.com reserves the right to delete the account in a manner that does not compromise the performance or quality of the site.

BoolaBooks as a buyer and seller

The creators of the site reserve the right to be active on the site as individual sellers or buyers without formally identifying as such.